March 05, 2015

ERA Vision Statement:
ERA will be the real estate company of choice for consumers and agents because ERA Sales Associates are ethical, forward-thinking and results-oriented professionals who take a proactive approach to real estate... therefore, agents can be sure they will have the best tools and training to accomplish the job at hand.Consumers will have total confidence that they are dealing with a consummate professional, expressing the highest level of service and integrity.


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  All Points Realty Welcomes You! 

Welcome! We want you to feel comfortable, not only with this website, but with the philosophy and staff of our real estate firm. We are locally owned and operated, since the mid 1980's as the Realty Marketing Group, currently ERA All Points Realty.
So take a look around- and contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

The real estate market has changed tremendously in the last few years with many new factors coming into play. In times such as these, it certainly helps to be informed and being informed means speaking with professionals who can advise you in your endeavors to buy or sell a home, creditable loan officers to pre-qualify you for a loan, or if the need has arisen, helpful information on foreclosure matters as well as the particulars surrounding a short sale.

We have all been frustrated when trying to obtain information, only to reach a voicemail and wait forever for a response. ERA All Points Realty is here to answer your questions and meet your real estate needs. You will reach a “real person” by phone at 770-972-7700, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. In addition, if you would like to receive a reply by e-mail, simply e-mail your questions to info@allpointsrealty.com, and we will respond to you within 24 hours. We will be glad to e-mail listings to you concerning properties that you may be interested in. ERA All Points Realty.com, Inc. is ranked “#3” in the state of Georgia, and the reason for this is experience and the excellent service our customers receive.

Thanks for stopping by, we hope to hear from you soon- Staff and Management ERA All Points Realty.Com, Inc.

“We Simply Want Your Business!”
"We Will Sell Your Home, or ERA Will Buy It!"  "We Will Sell Your Home, or ERA Will Buy It!" 

See the Home of Your Dreams but You Have A House to Sell?
You were out driving around "just looking" and there it was- the home of your dreams! Now you have a dilemna- how can you get your current house sold in time to make an offer on your dream home? With the Seller Security Plan you can do just that! List your house with us, and use the leverage of a guaranteed contract to eliminate the need for a contingency, obtain a bridge loan or equity advance and buy your dream home!

Some limitations apply, contact us today to find out more!

"I was told my house doesn't qualify- so what's the point?"
Simple economics- the greater the demand, the higher the price. Any agent from any company can sell your house to someone with financing and no house of their own to sell. Or, you could accept a contingency and risk losing valuable market exposure if that contingency fails. Through the Seller Security Plan we can increase the pool of potential buyers for your house by offering the SSP to them. No other national brand has a plan to incorporate these partially qualified buyers into your buyer pool. More buyers means more money for your house!

Why not give us a call to find out more?

No risk to you! You get the profit, ERA covers any loss.
If ERA ends up purchasing your house and then resells it for more than we have in it (including holding and closing expenses), guess who keeps the profit? You do! The net profits are returned to you. But if ERA sells it for less, you don't take the loss, ERA does.

Have you heard of a locally run guaranteed buy program? Contact us- we'd love to compare features and benefits!

ERA can even help with your down payment.
The ERA Sellers Security Plan allows qualified buyers to borrow against equity. You may use up to $150,000 of your available equity from the ERA offer to purchase and close on your new home. So if the down payment on your new home is contingent on the proceeds from your old one, we've got you covered.

Call today to find out how you can take advantage of the Seller Security Plan's benefits!

Look for the Logo!!  Look for the Logo!! 

Here's your gateway to great savings! We're partnering with local businesses in our market in an effort to provide you a "one-stop" shopping experience- no matter what your needs! We will be updating regularly, so keep checking for the latest great discounts from names you know and trust in the metro Atlanta area. Click here and select the office closest to you to get started.

We know how tedious it can be to register your information at different websites. So we do not require it anywhere on our company website- the function at the top of the page is reserved for agent functions. We do ask that you register on our search engine site- *but* only if you want to save searches for future reference.